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Mardie Caldwell, adoption expertMardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P., is the Founder and Director of Lifetime Adoption and the host of the popular Internet radio talk show, Let’s Talk Adoption with Mardie Caldwell.

Caldwell is an adoption professional and expert who assists in over 120 adoptions per year, is an adoptive mother, award-winning author, educator and lecturer. She has over 225 television appearances, and has appeared on CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and BBC, Dr. Laura and numerous other radio and TV shows. She has been quoted and consulted for print articles in national and local newspapers, and publications including Parenting and Adoptive Families magazines. Mardie has been named Woman-Owned Business of the Year, and is a member of P.E.O. Sisterhood, whose mission is women helping women reach for the stars.

Caldwell is an adoptive mother, infertility patient and has experienced first-hand, the joys and challenges of adoption. It became her life’s work when she realized how important safe and secure adoptions are. Her will to inform those who are seeking to adopt transformed itself into the book AdoptingOnline.com, where she shares her personal experience and has personally listed over 1,200 Internet adoption sites where information can be gleaned to assist those in seeking the child of their dreams.

Join Caldwell as she takes you though the journey of adoption, educates you on how to talk to birth parents and finally, the process and completion of becoming a parent through adoption. Never let it be said that Caldwell doesn’t care. Her heart and soul is in AdoptingOnline.com and that is never more evident than in the pages of this book.

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“Mardie has answered the call to building families and those of us are blessed many times over for it. Her wisdom, insight and expertise give light and hope to adoptive couples. This is a book of astounding value. The time and research going into AdoptingOnline.com is incalculable.”

– Renee Runyan, Adoptive Mother and Chaplain

Adopting Online book by Award Winning Author Mardie Caldwell

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